Celebrate or not to celebrate. That is the question.


I’m conflicted celebrating Mothers Day

for reasons I have to share.

Like birthdays.... mum's religion has

forbidden it every year.


Their followers are taught scripture

where Mother’s day, they have been ridden.

These pagan rituals can’t be celebrated.

False Gods, you aren't forgiven.


Time and again, like many religions

men choose words from the bible.

To control and create fear in hearts,

where your conscience is then liable. 


The interesting thing is that Mothers Day

doesn’t come from a female goddess.

Anna Jarvis who was an American lady,

was actually a woman who was really modest.


Her mum helped soldiers... during the war,

where government then made if official.

They chose this day… to remember ALL mums,

giving birth to an American ritual.


Again…like any well intentioned purpose, 

things soon got out of hand.

Hallmark cards made it a commercial venture

in the 1920's, another trend!


I hate to douse this day in facts. 

but it always makes me think.

Millions of dollars are spent each year,

that takes me to the brink.


Isn’t EVERY day a Mother’s Day

where we take time out to care?

Even if you didn’t KNOW your mum…

without her, you wouldn’t be here!


The relationship.. I have had with mum

has taken YEARS... for us to mend.

Understanding one another’s truth,

both sides have had to bend.


In a couple of weeks… my mother is visiting,

to attend a Christian convention.

Her last night in Sydney, she’ll stay with us.

I LIVE for reconnection!


Mum loves to cuddle our doggie Tintin.

She’s cute, she calls him ‘grandson’!

We’ll celebrate Mother’s Day together

Each day, we're glad we've had SOME.


The moral of this story and ...

REGARDLESS of your belief.

Is to honour the woman who birthed you,

she's YOUR branch.....and you...HER leaf!