Free your Heart ....and the rest will Follow.


To walk your truth takes courage. 

If it's leaving a job…. a relationship … a religion….or coming out of a sexual closet….

….listening to that 'inner voice' … shall set you free!

It doesn't always come easily, for those who choose... to follow their hearts.

You may be judged….

you may be rejected…

or worse you may be beaten…

and even killed.

But when you are given ONE life to live….then shouldn't we honour that life we have?

To be who you were BORN to be?

This for some, is a CHOICE… not a given.

There are those who like to cruise through life and happily walk the path that others have chosen for them.

There are those who walk the line, unable to make a choice to be one or the other.

There are those who carefully navigate politely around the obstacles of life, and quietly participate in this great thing we call 'life'.

AND THEN ….there are those, like me, who have a drive to live their OWN truth. 

It's not always greener when you jump the fence for fresher pastures!

There is MORE often than not, a dried up terrain…. that one needs to walk through FIRST... until you discover the water fountain of life.

I think jumping the fence should be encouraged… BUT should have a well researched plan!

The saying, 'Curiosity killed the cat' has NEVER scared me in this life.

Because with change…. and the many kinds of 'death' we experience... if it's emotional…spiritual or mental… there is ALWAYS a re-birth.

ALL concepts …. are valid to me.

Creation. Evolution. Reincarnation. 

I'll joyously pick flowers from every garden and happily place these vibrant truths in my ceramic vase of life.

My spirit has been broken.

My physical body has been invaded.

My precious finger has been snapped.

My heart has been completely shattered.

But… my choice to keep chasing my 'inner self' has found me in the most amazing fields of light!

I've had both beautiful… and VERY painful moments on this journey, with all the mischief I've gotten into.

BUT, when my dad died of cancer in 2014, I felt something a little different.

Although this was an experience I didn't choose, I had a choice of how I reacted to it. 

Finally at a place where I felt strong spiritually and emotionally…. I had learnt a precious lesson in life…. from the many fences I had jumped.

That there is also beauty in standing still.

Grief is an unusual and limitless emotion.

When my heart ordered me to feel the pain…. I stood still and let it wash over me.

No running. No hiding. 

Just being.

The perfect irony of ALL my escape plans…. is that I have now learnt how to stand still!

So now, when it comes to elevating dark into light… I make these simple choices.

To be… or to not.

To see….or to turn away.

To love….or to reject.

To live…or to change tactic.

To challenge… or to accept.

But regardless of how I choose a ‘new’ direction of light, in spite of life’s struggle, I am always happy to sit on the mound of gratitude for EVERYTHING life has taught me, in order to maintain the joy in my heart.

At times you may travel with me along some difficult terrain but like in life, I have always found beautiful meadows of light….. to bathe through… that remind me how blessed I am.

Regardless of the trials and tribulations that have helped me become the woman I am today, I hope that by sharing my truth you can find your own voice of authenticity.... and remember that true happiness in this life, is to find the ‘joy’ in all things.

Peace and love,