Letter to all gem lovers.


"and then I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?"

~ Van Gogh

Dear Lovers & Dreamers....

I have been asked MANY times why I use 'semi precious' gemstones as opposed to 'precious'.

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my take on gemstones.

I NEVER use the term 'semi precious' because it was a term used to not only boost the diamond industry, but also a term used by gemmologosts to create distinction between what THEY see as precious and what is not.

This to me is like the elite art critics who define what is beautiful and what is not in an artists work.

I simply DON'T agree with this concept!

Besides the fact that almost ALL gemstones were originally magma (or molten rock) at one stage.. the journey they have ALL been on over millions of years.... has been an extraordinary one!

The alchemy between the magma squeezing through cracks in the earth to then crystallise makes them ALL precious to me!

Mining has also changed dramatically nowadays.

Being ecologically sound is more important that rarity!

I love it when gemstones are found in riverbeds, rock crevices and caves where the earth is less disturbed. 
Mining for diamonds can often mean that they are moving tonnes of earth just to find a single carat for an engagement ring.
I find this act to be more disturbing than 'precious'.

Synthetic diamonds are now on the rise because deposits all around the world are running out. Why bother when there are so many gorgeous gems in the world? This push for white and clean stones just isn't my cuppa tea!!

I feel privileged to take these stunning gemstones with personality and then create magical settings for them.

The gemstones I choose are celebrated for their true beauty and NOT for how they are marketed.

Everyone resonates differently to different stones.

Like 'falling in love', there is an instant connection.

Sometimes there are just no words to describe 'why' you love it!

As a final note...what excites me the most about my direction as a jewellery designer, is the fact that I am nurturing the last leg of a gemstones journey.... to create pieces for individuals that they can enjoy throughout their lifetime.

Much love to you all!