After years of fertility treatments...

AND procedures ...AND operations.

My doctor said it's near impossible to

grow a baby to gestation.


Despite our struggles for a twig

to grow healthy on my branch.

I've never given up on children,

leaving everything to chance.


The beauty I didn't see coming

is a gift from my big sister.

She's offered us a chance for 'babies' 

to open up our vista!


Her womb has housed four beautiful kids.

I'm proud to be their aunty.

Twin boys..  a daughter ..a little son.

They're cute like dad and mummy.


My closest sister. My sweetest soulmate.

My favourite mother figure.

Who's loved her kin the way I would.

So close, she calls me 'nigger'!


Surrogacy is a term when someone

offers up their belly.

Like the grafting of a plant onto

the surface of it's relly.


I know this is the workings of

my dad and all good spirits.

They've blessed this movement I call 'love'.

Our genealogy has merits! 


There's two little worries up ahead,

to make this dream come true.

Twenty grand that we don't have.

Got bills still over due.


The second is the slimmest chance

that things don't go quite right.

When pregnant, there is sometimes risk

when it can go to SHITE.


I'm always positive and have to say

Sa's taking this like a champ!

Her strength is like the strongest ox.

So glad she's in our camp.


Overwhelming is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Her heart is just SO open!

We're closer than we've ever been

As sisters... we can't stop jokin.


We've two little embryos left in cryo.

A better chance inside her.

If nothing happens.. it's in the stars.

We've got all we can muster!


Our dad has taught us very well

This is his loving legacy.

That family are always number one.

It's deep inside our chemistry!


To be continued. Got months to prep.

Our path is quite unique.

Pauli and I will continue to dance

 with my sister ....cheek to cheek!!