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My work is sold exclusively through Courtesy of the Artist in Sydney, Australia.


Temple of Artemis earrings

Boulder Opals (7.55ct) from Bulgroo, Queensland set in 9k rose gold

Inspired by the strength of women.

*SOLD $3,900.00

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War Cry

Rhodolite garnets (5.55ct) from Mozimbique and Australian green sapphires set in 18k rose gold with tetrahedron tassels

These earrings are a tribute to the battle cry of ‘truth’ that is chanted amongst my fellow badass warrior women.

*SOLD $5,900.00

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Warrior Princess

Sapphires (0.30ct) from Rubyvale, Qld set in 18k yellow and rose gold.

*Detachable series

These have been designed for the woman who sees themselves as both…. FIERCE and the elegant!

*SOLD $4,900.00

tanzanite earrings.jpg

Sword of Truth

Natural coloured Tanzanites (5.35ct) set in 18k white and rose gold.

These earrings have their very own sword tassels to cut through the things that don’t serve you anymore.

*SOLD $5,900.00

Photography by Cesar Cueva