About me

Welcome to my world of jewellery, photography and poetry!

Over the last couple of decades as a creative......I have developed my art through various kinds of disciplines. 

In 1998 I performed as Australia's first female hip hop drummer for a collective called 'Sista Cypher'.
During this time, I had the divine privilege of playing for poets & MC's from Sydney and New York,  where I discovered the power of creative collaboration.
Creating music with other musicians, I was able to explore the importance of space and not always play the anticipated beat they expected. This understanding of 'space' directly influences how I design my jewellery, because my ultimate goal is to achieve perfect balance.... without OVER designing!

As a child, I had a mad obsession with miniature, which has now continued into adulthood.
In 2004, I made very special lamps for my first exhibition called  'Shades of a Different Light', where I used new and reused materials to create diorama's under each lamp shade. I told different stories in miniature, with varying sceneries from .....two friends having a picnic in a park......to a Spanish woman resting on a chaise lounge after a flamenco performance.
This was super fun exhibition which ended up being a SOLD OUT show! 
Understanding the unique perspective of miniature has taught me the importance of scale and perspective as a jewellery designer.

As a writer, I completed a Non Fiction Writing Course in 2014 with the Australian College of Journalism where shortly after finishing it, I was invited to write for The Guardian. After meeting with the editor and sub editors, I realised quickly that it was NEVER my dream to be a journalist and write for this frenzied social media news machine.

After writing poem and prose for many years... I realised as a writer, I resonated MORE with being a storyteller.
This to me is the most important factor as a creative, because we are able to share stories of joy.... heartbreak.... hope and express the beauty of life through art.

In 2016, I was invited to design my first collection of jewellery for Courtesy of the Artist Custom in Sydney.
This again was a SOLD OUT show on opening night, which gave me the confidence to follow my dream and design jewellery that I l have always wanted to see.

Although I haven't had any formal training as a jeweller, I believe my perspective on design comes from my love for miniature, music and storytelling.

I worked for the amazing design company Dinosaur Designs for 5 years where Louise Olsen taught me about colour and form. I then spent 14 years working with Giovanni D'ercole of Love and Hatred who helped me to understand the technical aspects and limitations to making fine jewellery. Much like a conductor who works with many instrumentalists to perform a multilayered composition, I work with an amazing team of jewellers to express my OWN stories with good jewellery design.

I am VERY lucky to work alongside a team of amazing artisans and jewellery designers at Courtesy of the Artist who inspire.... and push me to be the BEST I can be!

I am particularly excited about designing jewellery FOR women... to empower women. Maybe one day I'll design for men, but at this point there is not enough time in the day to design dream pieces for the female goddess who prances upon this planet.

My jewellery aesthetic is quite androgynous with a feminine feel and a slight edge, because I love to tip top between both sides to achieve balance in the end design.

I believe my jewellery is talismanic, where there is a little bit of magic in every piece!

Thank you for visiting me here in 'cyber'land.

I look forward to seeing you in our Sydney gallery, where you can play and see my jewellery designs up close!

Till the next movement....

Love and Light,