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Photo courtesy of CESAR CUEVA

‘Shrunken Treasures’ Opening Night was a fully immersive experience where guests were taken on a guided tour of my latest jewellery collection using SIGHT, SOUND, TASTE and SMELL. 
The first city my guests travelled to Kyoto, Japan, the second was New York City and the final city I brought everyone back to Sydney. Here are some of my highlights.



More photos and videos of my Shrunken Treasures Exhibition to come..... WATCH THIS SPACE

magical square opal e:r.JPG

'Temple of Artemis' Earrings set with boulder opals from Bulgroo, Queensland. PHOTO COURTESY of Cesar Cueva

As a jewellery designer, my aim is to create beautiful pieces that express my love for storytelling.

After working almost two decades in the jewellery industry, I have learnt the importance of scale, perspective, colour and form

My personal style celebrates feminine beauty ...with an edge, that gives my work an androgynous feel.

As a creative, I believe jewellery is talismanic… where every piece is unique in nature… and carefully measured by instinct!

I design to empower and celebrate! 



DIAMONDS PAVE SET IN 18CT ROSE GOLD -108 brilliant cut diamonds totalling 1.19ct-G-SI (Actual ring measures approx 3.2mm wide)


OVAL CUT PARTI SAPPHIRE 3.39ct from Central Queensland has been set in an 18ct white gold bezel and 18ct rose gold band.


18CT ROSE GOLD WEDDING RING (Actual ring measures approx 2.9mm wide)

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist


This stunning one off design has been set with a uniquely cut trillion cut parti sapphire from Central Queensland.

With shimmers of chartreuse, olive green and peacock blue, this divine ring needs to be seen to believed!

She sits proudly in a 18ct white gold bezel and 18ct rose gold band.

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

SOLD - No longer available

ball tassel ring.png

My 'Cushioned with Spheres' ring, has been set with a four square brilliant cut PRASIOLITE (25.14ct) in a 9ct white gold bezel with 9ct rose gold solid ball tassels and band. 

Each magical 'orb' tassel moves delicately around this stunning prasiolite when the ring is in motion, as a way of celebrating the sensual movement of a woman. 

It reminds me of the costumes worn by Middle Eastern belly dancers .....all the way to women from the classic flapper era of the 1920's. 

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

the blue temple.jpg

The Blue Temple is set with a stunning London Blue Topaz measures 19.90 carats. Sourced in Brazil, this beautiful stone was cut from a raw piece of stone by the uber talented gem cutter, Doug Menadue. The third stone ever cut in this shape, this Portuguese Rose Cut has been uniquely set upside down for optimum beauty. I have set her in 18ct rose gold and 18ct white gold. She needs to be seen... to be believed! 

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

citrine shield ring

'The AMAZON' ring.

The Amazon ring features a magical citrine from Brasil measuring 5.71 carats set in an 18ct yellow gold bezel and 18ct rose gold band. Cut in the shape of a 'shield', I designed this ring for the modern warrior woman who understands WHO she is and is willing to fight for her truth.
Complete one off piece.

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

SOLD - No longer available


fan ring

'Japanese Fan' Ring

My gorgeous Japanese Fan ring has been set with a carnelian measuring 17.29 carats. I commissioned master gem cutter Doug Menadue to facet from the rough, this unique shape. It has a lovely white gold cage and rose gold band to contrast beautifully with the burnt orange yumminess! 
Lastly, my dearest friend and crafts'woman'... Erin Timony added very fine engraving to this gorgeous piece!

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

peacock ring

The 'Peacock' Ring

This stunning one of a kind 'Peacock' Ring was inspired by the power and beauty of the feminine spirit! She proudly wears in her feathers gorgeous lilac and violet sapphires (0.75ct) from Lava Plains, Queensland, a magical parti sapphire (0.55ct) from Central Queensland and brilliant cut 'conflict free' diamonds (0.14ct-G-SI) from Africa.
Hand engraved by Erin Timony, this jewel is to be work with pride! 

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

SOLD - No longer available

cushion cut sapphire

Parti Sapphire Ring

This stunning cushion cut parti sapphire (3.43ct) set in an 18k yellow gold bezel and 18k rose gold band shone beautifully with colours of teal, olive and chartreuse.

Her magic is in her simple beauty!

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

SOLD - No longer available

trio of beauty.JPG

Trio of Beauty

Inspired by the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans these three sapphires represent the surrounding seas from which I live on this planet.

This stunning lemon coloured sapphire (2.9ct) and two mint green sapphires (0.65ct) are from Rubyvale, Queensland and set in 18k yellow, white and rose gold

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist


Australian Chrysoprase set in 9ct rose gold. These earrings were part of my PEACOCK series where you can mix and match every component. From rose gold tassels to various gemstones these earrings are vey versatile.

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

square opal earrings.JPG

Temple of Artemis


These gorgeous square opals (7.55cts) from Bulgroo, Queensland took my breath away when I first saw them!
I decided to set them on an angle and hang magical tassels off of them so as to create a soft and feminine feel to them. 

Absolutely STUNNING!

*SOLD. No longer available. 


nica #4.jpg

'NICA' Earrings (2nd design in the Badass Female Warrior series) 9ct white gold bowl with 9ct rose gold solid cone tassels and 9ct rose gold shepherds hook. NICA is short for Pannonica de Koenigswarter, whom in history was known as the 'Great Baroness of Jazz' because of her advocacy for black musicians in New York who suffered horrible racism despite their musical genius.

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist


These gorgeous rose gold hand engraved SINGLE PEACOCK earrings hanging on 18ct yellow gold studs were part of my latest collection. These were hand engraved by craftswoman Erin Timony.  

*SOLD. No longer available. 


Top- Chrysoprase (Western Australia) set in 9ct rose gold

*SOLD- no longer available

Middle- Chrysocolla (Arizona) set in 18ct yellow gold *Available

Bottom- Amethyst (Brazil) set in 9ct white gold


End tassels- 9ct rose gold cone tassels


Each piece is sold separately and detachable
EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist

nakano #1.jpg

Joining my 'Badass Female Warrior' series as part of my Smokin Mama Collection, these have been named after one of the only known female samurai's in Japan who mastered the 'naginta'.

Although Nakano Takeko was shot in the chest despite mastering the samurai, her dying wish to have her severed head buried so it didn't end up in enemy hands...was honoured by her sister.

To this day, young girls celebrate her and the Women's Army every year during the Aizu Autumn festival beneath a pine tree at Hoikai-Ji temple.

SOLD - no longer available

chrysalis opal earrings.JPG

'Chrysalis' Opal Earrings

These stunning opals (47.65cts) are from Bulgroo, Queensland set in beautiful 9K rose gold.
The metamorphosis of life is continuous as we develop and grow throughout the years, so I decided to create these magical 'Chrysalis' earrings to celebrate change... which is absolute!

EXCLUSIVE to Courtesy of the Artist


These gorgeous Australian Boulder Opals (7.10cts) from Bulgroo, Queensland have been beautifully set in 18ct white gold.
I decided to keep the setting very simple because opals in my opinion have often been OVER designed!
These beauties have been photographed with my detachable 9ct rose gold studs.... where each piece is sold separately. 

They have been designed so that you can change each component depending on your mood and energy that day. Come and play! 

SOLD - No longer available (studs are made to order)


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